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Trying to balance work, travel and being a good human.

Hey there, I'm Liz!  Welcome to my blog which is kinda like 'Sex & The City meets The 4 Hour Work Week.' 



Hey Guys! Bear with me as I update the website. Apologies if there a missing links atm. Shoot me an email at if you are looking for something in particular. MUCH LOVE, Liz xx

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Jordan Peterson's Rule 7: Meaning Over Expedience

Decoding 12 Rules for Life an Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson.

Can we rebound from our quarter-life crisis? Here's what I learned from Rule 7:

  1. Take a risk and do something meaningful (eg. a career change).

  2.  Sacrifice what you like, so you can become you might become.

  3. Don't worry so much about finding your 'purpose.' Be productive. 


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Jordan Peterson's Rule 6: Sort Yourself Out

Decoding 12 Rules for Life an Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson.

Revenge, Bootycalls and Trying to be a Hero. Here's what I learned: 1. Revenge is never the answer. 2. Do the uncomfortable right thing. 3. Don't change the world... yet.

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The Ultimate Guide to Siargao, Philippines.

A Lost Girl's Guide to Island Neverland. Surf, swim, dive, eat, drink, repeat. This place feels like my second home. It's a MUST visit!

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Career Changes

What to do if you feel like you need a career change. Here's some tips based off my own experience from marketer to pseudo freelance strategist, blogger and presenter. 

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How to give a TEDx Talk

In 2017, I gave my first TEDx Talk: Decoding the Stigma to Personal Development. Here are some tips on how you can give your own one day. (COMING SOON)

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What I learned on my Sabbatical

Food orgasms, spontaneous island trips, bad brazilian waxes, confronting self-reflection and holiday flings.

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Evolutionary Psychology & Dating Intelligence

How can we increase our dating iq?

Evolutionary psychology studies human thoughts and behaviours, based on biological and primitive history. Dr David Buss, one of the founders of the field, has spent decades studying the human psyche in mate selection. Aka. why we choose assholes, gold diggers, fall in love, cheat or live happily ever after

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Let's redesign the way we:
Work, Travel and Live.

In 2015, I was introduced to this concept of 'lifestyle design'... sounds wanky and a load of fluffy bullsh*t, but it taught me to rethink what career, lifestyle and travel experiences I'm truly after. 

Hopefully this template will help you:


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Stuck in the millennial rut?

Warning: I DO NOT have any qualifications as a psychologist, career advisor or life coach, I do have experience in trying to 'redefine the way I work, travel and live.'

If you're stuck in a rut, looking for travel inspiration or stuck in a tricky situation at work, I'd love to help a brother or sister out. No cost, no quizzes, just here as a sound board for ya : ) xx


TEDx Talk:

Decoding the Stigma of Personal Development