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 Siargao, Philippines

Siargao, Philippines

 Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

 Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

 Siargao, Philippines

Siargao, Philippines

About me

I’m Liz, a Part-Time Digital Nomad and Presenter from Sydney, Australia. 

I'm trying to blur the lines between work and play. To hack millennial life! I look for the tools and tricks to help us have it all. From dream careers, travel, wellbeing and business, we're the brat generation with everything at our finger tips. 

But it all starts with personal development. If we don't embark on a journey of 'growth,' we'll never know what we're capable of. The journey of personal development has enabled me to define my work life values and philosophy. In 2015, I left my 9-5 and now work as a freelance marketing strategist and presenter. I now live a semi-nomad life and have travelled to some beautiful places like Siargao in the Philippines, Israel and Hawaii.

But life isn't about quitting your job just so you can travel... it's about creating a career you don't feel like running away from!

Personal development has helped me exploring life's full potential and I hope it will inspire you to think differently about yours. 

About the blog

The world is full of amazing stories and knowledge. 

We live in a new learning economy, where there is no barrier to education. With Runaway Strategist, I've taken my passion for learning and applied it to this mindset and lifestyle blog for millennials. Here's what to expect:


Part-time digital nomad life.


Brain Dates  

Lifestyle design concepts and peak performance hacks.



Profiling  millennials redefining the way we work and live. No egos, just pure shots of millennial wisdom!


So if you're looking to get the most out of this adventure called life, come join me in figuring it all out. Happy reading!

With love,


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