Outsourcing Your Job 101

Top 3 Post Insights:

1.    Outsource shit you hate doing

2.    Find a Specialist  

3.    Don’t compromise quality over price

 This could be you... 

This could be you... 

The internet is a beautiful thing. Besides online food delivery, outsourcing shit you hate doing comes in at a sweet second place.

You might think, “I can’t outsource because I’m the only person who can do the task.” First off, you’re not so fucking special. You’re not the only half assed employee that can do your job. Chances are, there’s someone who can do your job better for half the salary. Second of all, outsourcing alleviates the stress of doing soul crushing tasks to someone who wants to do it… giving you more time to do things you’re actually good at.

I first heard of outsourcing when I read The Four Hour Work Week. It’s legit changed the way I’ve approached work and life (DISCLAIMER. You will be responsible for any confidential information given to you by your employer… so don’t be an idiot and A) Share super tight lipped info with your outsourcer or B) Get caught).

Everyone can outsource something. It’s not just for virtual assistants. Here’s some ideas:

·      Research projects (ie. Competitor research, target audience, new products)

·      Document summaries

·      ANYTHING to do with Excel spreadsheets

·      Venue research (for birthdays, Christmas parties, Jan’s Farewell that everyone forgot to organise)

·      Accounting

·      PowerPoint clean up

·      Image searching

·      Social media management

·      Web page development

·      Resumes


Personal Case Study:

I’m marketing strategist who fucking hates admin. I work with clients to improve their brands and content. And that’s what I want to focus on. I hated spending double the time uploading posts. So I found a social media assistant who posted all the content for me. I did the content plans, researched the hashtags, researched who to tag in posts etc…she did all the posting across the 4 social channels. Literally gave me back 8 hours a week!


So, you want to outsource something you hate doing? Here’s my Top 5 Lessons:

1.    Find a Specialist

·      If you’re looking for an accountant, don’t get just any accountant. Get an accountant who specialises in medical practices, or a lawyer who specialises in copyright not divorce, or a virtual assistant whose niche is in tech start ups not dance companies. Find someone who gets the wider category/ industry, not just the vertical you are outsourcing out.



·      Don’t compromise quality over price. I once wanted to go cheap on a logo… and was SORELY disappointed. With anything in life, you get what you paid for. At first, you’re lured/ sceptical with someone from India advertising services for $5 p/hr, don’t get me wrong there are some EXCEPTIONAL people, but it’s rare they exceed expectations matched to their rate. It’s a real game of trial and error, but it’s all worth it in the end!!! TRUST ME!


3.    Language

·      Find someone you can fluently communicate with (to the best of both your ability). For me it’s English. Translation can be lost over email, so make sure you both are speaking the same language (literally and figuratively).


4.    Be CRYSTAL CLEAR in Defining the Task

·      I often provide an example of what I need. No two people are having the same conversation, this is especially true when you're having a conversation over the internet. You need be super duper clear in the deliverables you're after. 


5.    Have Patience 

·      You have to think about them as a colleague. Some people can get it in the first day, others might take a week. Be patient, find your groove and decide what kind of working relationship works for you.



You can go directly via platforms like Upwork, Freelancer or Guru. Or you can go to an agency. Agencies are a bit more expensive as they take a cut, however you do get a sense of security. If you’re not happy with the work, or if they go rogue, the agency can find someone else or match you up someone more suitable for you.


If anything, outsourcing teaches you management and delegation skills. Even if you are an entry level paper pusher, learning to outsource enables you to strengthen communication and time management skills. It helps you think more strategically with less stress, whilst taking care of your mental health.  So next time a bit of your soul dies when you’re given a shit task… think efficiently and think about how you can outsource that shit!