(VIDEO) Jordan Peterson's Rule #6: Sort Yourself Out

Stop Wasting Your Life on ‘Revenge,’ Sort Yourself Out Today.

1.    Revenge is never the answer. 

2.    Do the unconformable right thing.

3.    Start small, before you change the world.

You got dumped, the person you like is with someone else and all you’re thinking about is posting a HOT photo on insta as a big FU your loss.

Pathetic –yes… but we’ve all done a ‘revenge scheme’ of some sort.

Welcome back to my attempts at decoding Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules. We are half way there folks, this is Rule 6: Set your house in order before you criticise the world.

Here’s 3 things I’ve learned.

1.    Resentment & Revenge

An old man tells his grandson, “there’s a battle between two wolves inside of us all, one is evil… full of hate, bitterness, lies and ego. The other is good, full of hope, humility, empathy and truth. The young boy thinks about it and says ‘papa, which wolf wins?’ Grandpa replies ‘the one you feed.”

This fable wasn’t in the book, but it kind of sums up one of the key messages in this chapter.

Papa JP basically reinforcing us to, ‘buck up kid because life can be a real piece of shit sometimes, but that shouldn’t plant the seed for you to become an evil corrupt person. 

He begins the chapter analysing the shooters of high school mass murders.  Jordan Peterson talks about Columbine and Sandy Hook school shooters. How and why they came to such a horrible act of mass murder. There’s even a chilling diary excerpt from one of the shooters, he writes about his hatred for society and the need to kill everyone.

Basically, revenge stems from ‘WHY WHY WHY is the happening to me?’ Looking to blame someone and seeking ‘justice’ into our own hands. I think it was Ghandi who said an eye or an eye makes the world go blind.

Revenge is never the answer. It damages society and is self-destructive.

On a trivial level, so what if your ex likes your hot insta photo, maybe he or she will call you back, you’ll hang out, have a quickie and never calls you back again. You’re back to square one, angry, resentful and bitter again.  

Save yourself the make-up, eat a donut or go to the gym. Don’t seek revenge!


2.    The Uncomfortable Right Thing.

I remember I had a boss who manipulated me in writing a raving HR review. It ate me up inside because I knew I was being taken advantage of as a junior staff member and flat out lied throughout my whole review of them.

“START TO STOP DOING THINGS WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE WRONG…. Don’t waste time questioning how you know that what you’re doing is wrong.”
Pg. 157

I think we all get into sticky situations where we just don’t want to acknowledge what’s really going on. Instead of biting the bullet, we skirt around the edges waiting for things to sort themselves out. Well honey, it doesn’t happen that way!

Gahhh truth bombs all over –your conscience id a partner in discovery.

If you’re wondering, I ended up seeking advice from a colleague about the review and confided in another senior manager, who apologised for this persons behaviour and told me to be brutally brutall honest in my review revision. 

Oh  life lessons in corporate world!

3.    Don’t change the world… yet.  

It’s such a cliché, but powerful message. There’s nothing wrong with ambitions of stopping climate change, but don’t be the dude who smoke 7 packets a day, drops his atm receipts and leaves his dog shit on the foot path. Start small and be a good human.

 “Don’t reorganise the state until you have ordered your own experience. Have some humility. If you cannot bring peace to your household, how dare you rule a city?"
Consider your circumstance. Start small. Have you taken full advantage of the opportunities offered to you? Are you working hard on your career or even your job. Or are you letting bitterness and resentment hold you back and drag you down? Have you made peace with your brother? Are you treating your spouse or children with dignity and respect? Do you have habits that are destroying your health and well-being?...
Have you cleaned up your life?”

I love this because it’s flat out reminder of what you can to today. Ask baristas how theyre day is going, do something nice for your mum buy her favourite muffin.

Because the world doesn’t need you to be a hero tomorrow, it will settle for a good act today. ­­­­­

Ok kids to recap.

1.    Revenge is never the answer. 

2.    Do the unconformable right thing.

3.    Start small, before you change the world.

That’s all for rule 6 give I a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Catch you next for Rule 7 ciao my friends!



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