(VIDEO) Jordan Peterson: Rule #1 Don't be a Loser, Fix Your Posture (VLOG)

Top 3 Post Insights

  1. Jordan Peterson: The Father Figure of Youtube.

  2. His purpose: To strengthen the individual.

  3. Rule 1: Stand up with your shoulders back.

(Little intro to Jordan Peterson, scroll down if y'all already know)

Who is Jordan Peterson?

 Jordan Peterson, the Cowboy Psychologist.

Jordan Peterson, the Cowboy Psychologist.

'The Father Figure of Youtube,' Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor from Canada (University of Toronto). For me, he's a mix between a ferocious-no-bull-shit therapist, an adorable father who speaks with love and wisdom and a cowboy Ghandi.

People all over the world are flocking to his online lectures and public talks. He has this unique ability to make sense of shit we struggle to articulate (from a societal and personal point of view) whilst providing #realtalk advice. 

It's almost like you experience personal enlightenment even if you're just watching him for just 10 minutes.

 Denouncing Gender Pronouns

Denouncing Gender Pronouns

To get an idea of him, some context might help. In 2016 he first made headlines when he refused to use gender pronouns (eg. zi and zir) under Bill C16, Canada's federal trans rights bill. He is not a trans hater, but rather a compelled speech hater. He believes it's a 'violation of free speech' when the government begins to enforce words we can and can't use.

Today his YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and fans donate more than $50k a month on Patreon so he can continue his work online. Anyways long story short, I don't think the University of Toronto was particularly excited with all the attention. I'm bias but I truly believe he is a gift to this modern era.

Why should you listen to him?

He is one of the most influential, relatable and charismatic intellects of today. While his audience does skew to males 25- 35, you will find nuggets of wisdom about the impact of your personality traits/ flaws and advice on relationships, addictions, archetypes etc. Watch a couple of his vids and you'll be surprised how much clarity you'll find : ) 

12 Rules for Life an Antidote to Chaos

Since I was introduced to his work, I’ve been obsessed with his knowledge and storytelling. So I'm dedicating a weekly vlog on on his book 12 Rules for Life an Antidote to Chaos. Each week I'll cover a rule and  I try and interpret how we can implement it into our lives. 

Rule #1 Stand Up With Your Shoulders Back

Top 5 key takeouts:

  1. From the moment a lobster wins a fight, he stands taller. He looks bigger. He commands respect and attention. This physiological stance is a message to himself and the lobster community of his value. In return, the lobster community treats him with higher regard and priority of high value resources.

  2. Most of what we know about humans comes from biological and cultural evolution. Lobsters are 350 million years old, humans are 200,000 years old. The victorious lobster is hit with a boost of serotonin from the win. 

  3. Serotonin (found in humans and lobsters) is neurotransmitter which increases happiness, confidence and sexual desire. It also regulates anxiety and depression. 

  4. When scientists have injected the 'loser' lobster with serotonin, he begins to stand up tall again, grows more confidence and grit. Contrary to the other lobster losers who spiral into a shitty life. 

  5. Standing up straight is more than a physical act. It's a physiological stance which sets your nervous system into confidence mode. 

  6. Favourite quote:

"Quit drooping an hunching around, speak your mind, put your desires forward as if you had a right to them –at least the same right as others. Dare to be dangerous. Encourage serotonin to flow pletnfiul through your neural pathways. Look for inspiration within your victorious lobsters. Stand up straight with your shoulders back."

Look, we all know life can be really shit sometimes. Maybe a business deal went south and you lost your life savings, all those years working at McDonalds gone, maybe the love of your life dumped you, maybe the promotion went to the shitty brat at work instead of you… standing up straight is will not give the answers tomorrow, but it is the first step to embracing whatever life comes your way. It's a proactive stance that says 'hey world come at me,' rather than walking around like a little bitch who is scared of the fly around the corner. Moral of the story, stand tall matey.

That's all for now kids, see you in the next vid! xx

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