Isla Cabana, Siargao, Philippines.

Isla Cabana, Siargao, Philippines.

We’ve all had a case of Tuesdayitis, probably fanaticised about leaving the country under a new alias.

One afternoon, I cured that bastard with a one-way ticket.

Granted, it was a lot easier for me. I was 25, single, no mortgage or pet, and my latest work contract was finishing up… so I took that opportunity and thought f%ck it, let’s go.

But it wasn’t that easy or impulsive.

A year ago, I met my first digital nomad. Tom was a Google Ad words specialist and solely worked online. He spent Australian summers in Bondi and come winter, escape to island life in Asia. I was enthralled, I wanted that life too! 

"If I can do it, you can do it," I remember hearing those words and dismissing them, only because they’re flogged around so much. But somehow after breakfast I was inspired to dig further. 

 What did I research? 


What did I learn?

  • Digital nomads earn their living online, enabling them to work anywhere in the world (provided there is wifi).
  • We shouldn’t have to wait for retirement to live the lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of. We can do it now, it’s just a matter of hard work, prioritisation and outsourcing.


what did I do?

1.    Online work

  • Online income meant finding freelance marketing jobs. UpWork is a global freelance platform where people outsource and apply for jobs.  It became my homepage and best friend. Every morning on the ferry to work and every night at dinner, I was applying for anything and everything I believed I could do (I’ll write another post about my experience on UpWork). In the end, I’ve maintained some clients which gave me the courage to take a sabbatical.

2.    One-way ticket

  • I love boxing, food and hitting the beach. So I booked a one-way ticket beginning in Thailand. I would start the trip off by getting super fit… well, with every intention to!

what to expect:

1.    Hard Work

  • Start thinking about additional income outside the 9-5 now. Sometimes I worked 15 hours a day! My day job plus freelance clients in the US and Europe. You should aim to maintain long term/ consistent work.

2.    Everyone’s 2 Cents

  •  Jealousy, criticism and admiration... these are some opinions people will have. From your boss, friends, parents, family, everyone will have their 2 cents. Take it with a grain of salt and focus on what you want to get out of this move. 

3.    Setting up a Routine

  •  If you are transitioning to digital nomad life, you’ll probably start with a confused mentality. Yes, it might look and feel like you’re on holidays, but you are also semi-living a working life. So make sure you incorporate some sort of routine to keep you focused.


  • From finding your feet into digital nomad life, meeting people that become family and lifelong friends, through to exploring countries and cultures that office life can't give you… prepare for an unforgettable experience!
 Sugba lagon, Siargao, Philippines

Sugba lagon, Siargao, Philippines

So follow me as I trade stability for a few months (or maybe a life?) of spontaneity!

Adventure awaits us all xx


This post is dedicated to Tom Coleman (RIP 1989 – 2015). Thank you for opening my eyes up to world and a life I never thought I could have. Hope you’re smiling down from heaven old mate xx

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