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Hello! In the above vid, I briefly explain what is 'Part-Time Digital Nomad Life'.

 June 2015: I remember reading this book at Rose Bay beach, when I was in between jobs. After reading it, I decided to find another source of income (independent of my physical location)... to ultimately try digital nomad life!

June 2015: I remember reading this book at Rose Bay beach, when I was in between jobs. After reading it, I decided to find another source of income (independent of my physical location)... to ultimately try digital nomad life!

For those who aren't familiar with the term Digital Nomadit's basically someone who can work via the internet. Therefore being able to travel anytime anywhere around the world (provided there's wi-fi). It's the 'typical' millennial dream. 

short term nomad 

In 2015, I was over my corporate job. I thought I wanted to be digital nomad. It sounded so alluring... travel the world, enjoy a cocktail, lie in a hammock and work from my laptop. In 2016, I had a taste of this life. I worked up a client base of social media work, bought a one way ticket and ended up travelling around Asia and Israel. I had the BEST time... for about 5 months.

I LOVED the freedom, adventures and knowing I could go ANYWHERE in the world. But it didn't feel sustainable. I felt like I was missing something. Sure it was great living in bikinis, minimal make up and meeting new people... but I started to miss social stimulation, putting on proper clothes and after work drinks at cool bars. I started to miss the city life I so badly wanted to runaway from!

Coming home

At the start of my trip, I had every intention to pursue digital nomad life (either through finding more social media clients or starting an e-commerce business). But I realised true nomadic life wasn't for me. I wanted a home. I missed my family and friends.

 In January 2017, I decided to come back home to Sydney. To be honest, I felt a bit lost. I had the most amazing time overseas but now I didn't know what type of work I wanted. Sydney isn't as cheap as Asia, so I needed to earn substantial cash again... you know to afford things like $5 coffees, uber rides, $25 organic pancakes, $18 cocktails and shit like that, oh yes and rent! Hence, I began freelancing as a social strategist. One of my favourites contracts to date, was working with Aperol @ the Australian Open. 

Finding balance

(and f*cking off when you can // aka. Part time digital nomad life)

Whilst I don't take social media work for granted, I know I'm not destined to be a social media guru. Which is why I've dipped into more presenting work this year. Today, I have a mix of retained social media work, random corporate marketing/ presenting contracts and precedence for Runaway Strategist content. I also recently did a TEDx talk on personal growth which was super fun!

  TEDx UNSW 2017 ( Official vid coming soon!)

 TEDx UNSW 2017 ( Official vid coming soon!)

I've learned that if you want some level of freedom, you can't be reliant on one source of income. Additionally, rarely will you find true fulfilment from your main job. Working in an office sucks balls sometimes, which is why it's so important to explore other 'side gigs/ hustles'. This Lewis Howes' interview with Chris Guillebeau explains this concept really well here. In my case, I still do social media work because it enables me to have the freedom to f*ck off when I want (to some degree)... most recently Hawaii!

But I want to caveat that 'Part-Time Digital Nomad Life' isn't just about random holidays.

It can be bloody STRESSFUL too. There are times I think, f*ck I just lost a client how will I pay rent next month, or shit I hate social media work, or f*ck this office and cynical people here... at the end of the day you have to think big picture or long term. Remind yourself: How is this adding value to my lifestyle or how is this supporting my overall goal?  Sometimes you have to do shitty jobs. But the key is to focus on WHY you are doing it... it makes waking up for a shit job easier! 

Finding a balance of work hasn't come easy. But there are always two things I always look for:  

1. Ownership and flexibility of my time

 2. To leverage my communication skills.

The trick is to give everything you think you might like a go. Whether it was a good or bad experience, every job either course corrects or catapults, you into the right direction (nb. I'll write a post about work/life values soon, because it's really helped me identify what opportunities and work I look for).


top 3 lessons 


 March 2017: Presenting Training. Getting the goods from Sharon Lynne @  TV Pro Global  

March 2017: Presenting Training. Getting the goods from Sharon Lynne @ TV Pro Global 

This Part-Time Digital Nomad life is the shit. I LOVE it. But it's not the only way to approach work. We're all individual amazing humans who can design the way we work.  You don't have to be a freelancer, you could do anything from starting an e-commerce store, or becoming a video games commentator on YouTube, the internet is your oyster kid. If you're f*cking confused, stuck in a rut, or in between jobs, here's my advice. 

  1. Say yes to opportunities

    • If there's a new role, project or client that comes your way, give it a go. If it's shit pay, look beyond the $$$ and view it as an investment. Also go out and find opportunities yourself. Yes its about a 0.1% conversion rate when you're applying for jobs... but the more you put yourself out there, the more resilient you become. You'd be surprised what the universe puts into your lap!
  2. be a guinea pig

    • You are the guinea pig of your own life (which is WAY better than being a robot!). The more you try new things, activities, meet new people, the more you understand what works and what doesn't work. Inspiration is random as f*ck, so go out and experience weird shit. Because at the end of the day, no one is going to give you a scientific formula for your 'best life' (god I just cringed typing that, sorry I couldn't find a better phrase).
  3. Find people whose work/life balance interests you

    • There's a special aura people have who genuinely love life. Or who seem to have life hacked. Research their background and how they came to where they are. Whether it's a friend of a friend, a podcaster or an author, you can learn so much from their journey. I love this quote by Neil Patel, 'Smart people learn from mistakes, wise people learn from other people's mistakes.'  For me it was a guy back in 2015, Tom showed me the possibilities (and hard work) 'self-employment' could offer.

Alright kids, hopefully this gives you an insight into part-time digital nomad life! As always shoot me any questions. I'm no Tim Ferriss or Josh Waitzkin, I'm just a girl trying to hack life.... who is currently sitting in a Bondi cafe (god another cliche) contemplating another choc-chip Nutella almond cookie.... xx

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