Hawaii: Island Roadtrippin'

Top 3 Post Insights

  1. Oahu: A big sunny soul hug

  2. Rent a car (and drive out of Waikiki)

  3. Explore the North Shore

 Getting lost and ending up at Maunalua Bay (car rental via  Thrifty )

Getting lost and ending up at Maunalua Bay (car rental via Thrifty)

Oahu is one of the best islands to throw out your GPS.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked this trip. Sure, there was going to be beautiful beaches and palm trees, but MY WORD… I didn’t expect to fall smitten!

My best friend was moving back home (Sydney) from Canada, so we decided to meet half way. We both had a hectic year of work and general life admin... hence, a mini holiday was something we couldn't resist. Who would say no to Hawaii? I said yes faster than speeding bullet.

In this post, I’m going to share our favourite spots. We hired the cliche tourist car, a red Mustang, and drove around Oahu. Whilst there's so much more hidden gems, here’s what we came across:


Hanauma Bay

Halona Blowhole and Sandy’s Surf Beach  

I’d like to call this whole area ‘Hakuna Matata Bay’. Partially because when we got there, we were stuck in a time warp, in absolute awe of this place. Hanauma Bay is south of Oahu. Our two favourite spots were Halona Blowhole and Sandy’s Surf Beach. Halona feels as if a European beach had a baby with a tropical cove. Sandy's is a gorgeous surf spot also known for its body boarding waves. 

The North Shore

Turtle Bay, Haleiwa Beach, Sunset Beach, Keikis Beach, Banzai Pipeline and Pupukea Beach.

In Sydney, we call the ‘North Shore,’ OTB  aka. Over The Bridge… in Hawaii, I’d call the North Shore, an Oasis of Tantalising Beaches (you can tell I struggled to retrofit an adjective starting with T!). Jess and I drove up the main road and stopped at every beach. Whether you're looking to surf, snorkel, enjoy happy hour, sun bake while listening to French Montana on your portable speaker or jump off rocks (nb. do this at Waimea Bay, but be warned it's quite busy with fellow tourists), there's a beach for everyone! If you're a surfer, you definitley want to drive to Pipeline and Sunset. If you're just looking to frolic in Hawaiian goodness, check out these other spots:

Pipeline is flat during summer (Jun-Aug), but check out how epic the waves are in Winter:

Maunala bay

On our way to Hanauma Bay, we got lost and ended up at Maunala Bay. I'm pretty sure it's a dock of some sort, either for rowers, jet skiers or maybe even fisherman. But it was just too beuatiful not to stop, swim and snap some pics. With mountain views and crystal clear waters, this pit stop was a great little (Instagram) gem. 


The picture Perfect Tourist Mecca

You really can't fault Waikiki beach. It's a vision of beauty, like candy for your eyes. Waikiki beach sprawls down from the Hilton to the Marriott hotel. You'll see people surfing, paddle boarding, tanning, playing volleyball, to people enjoying a BBQ. Even if it's full of tourists (yes like me), it doesn't take away from the fact this place is just darn gorgeous. If you want a 'quieter' place to read/ tan, go down to the Hilton end, if you want some surf lessons, head to Hans Hedemann at Park Shore hotel. Nearly every hotel has a happy hour of some sort, but who needs happy hour when this place embodies happy LIFE.

As mentioned, we only scratched the surface of Oahu's beaches. But every beach we stumbled upon was like a sunny soul hug! So whatever island getaway you're craving for, be it surfing, tanning or snorkelling, Oahu has a sunny soul hug waiting for you ; ) xx


Adventure made possible by Thrifty Honolulu:

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