Non-Stop Foodgasms. Eating My Way Through Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Top 3 Post Insights:

  1. It's pastry heaven

  2. Eat everything at the markets

  3. You'll become a halva, hummus and shawarma addict

There's no foreplay when it comes to Israeli food. everything is a mouthgasm.

This time last year I was in an absolute food trance. Israelis know-their-food. EVERYTHING from pastries on the street, hummus in little corner shops through to restaurant dining was incredible. I honestly have never been to a city where the food was on-point at every turn. Here were some highlights:

Pastries (everywhere)

 When heaven falls onto a platter. Pastries at Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.

When heaven falls onto a platter. Pastries at Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.

Pastries and bread on every corner.

H-E-A-V-E-N. It's like the baguettes of Paris and all the sweets of the Mediterranean came together and settled in Israel. Everything from almond croissants, baklava in 50 different forms, huge platters of kanafe, through to olive truffle loaves and oregano pitta bread, whatever your carb heart desires you shall find.

My favourites:

  • Bread Story, Tel Aviv: My AirBnB was one minute walk from here... thank god it wasn't bikini season because I had an almond croissant and chocolate croissant everyday.
  • Le Moulin, Tel Aviv: Nice quiet cafe on Borgashov, amazing brownies, bread loaves and quiches.
  • Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem: Try everything at the market. They have little custard scrolls, praline tarts, pistachio baklava, all different kinds of cheese pockets and more!

Halva (everywhere)

Thick nutty fairy floss

"OMFG" -literally every time I saw a halva store. Halva is a kinda like a thick nutty fairy floss. It's a mix of sesame, tahini, honey and nut butter. It blew my mind when I saw Oreo, salted caramel, coffee bean, praline and sunshine mix flavours at The Halva Kingdom! I became a convert since then... now if only I could ship some fresh halva to Sydney?

Abdullah Restaurant

Massive shish kebab sticks and unlimited refillable salads

This is a place you go to hungry! Abdullah's is about an hour drive out from Tel Aviv in Or Yehuda. It's weird to think now I'm a vegetarian, because I probably had about six of those massive chicken and lamb skewers. I think I ate all of my friend's baklava as well... ok let's not beat around the bush, I ate it. 


Shawarma in Jerusalem

Actually, shawarma anywhere!

Pitta breads filled with your choice of meat (or falafels), pickled vegetables, salad, hummus, tzatziki or even tahini. You can get shawarma anywhere in Israel, but my favourite was in the Old City, Jerusalem. It was down some alley way in a restaurant. I got a falafel shawarma and between 2 friends we shared chips, baba ganoush, hummus and extra pita bread. 


 24 hr dedicated breakfast restaurant

When my Israeli brother said 'Hey Lizzie do you want to go have breakfast at 10pm,' I said 'Ummm... YES!' I don't know what it is about breakfast, but it's always such a joyous siting. Anyways Benedict serves breakfast 24 hrs a day. Oh and you can also get breakfast dessert and cocktails. Fu*ck I love breakfast.

 Landwer, Tel Aviv.

Landwer, Tel Aviv.


Your only meal for the day

When breakfast comes in a wooden crate, you know it's on. I ordered the vegetarian platter which comes with bread, salad, dips galore (everything from avocado, jam to halva spread), olives, fruit, yoghurt, juice and coffee. The halva spread was the winner for me. I licked that bowl clean!

Oh and you probably won't need to eat again until dinner.  




Friday Dinner at Home (aka. AirBnB)

Who would've thought a Filipino -Australian, who left Sydney 6 months ago, would be cooking Shabbat in Tel Aviv?! Lol.

It was a delicious mini feast. We bought most of the produce from the Dizengoff Friday markets. We cooked grilled fish, bought a fresh loaf of bread, made hummus, cauliflower rice, sweet potato fries and a big salad. 

The next day, we had so much left over cheese, everything  from pesto, truffle, manchego, gouda... ahhh I'm dying just thinking about it. So I made little pizza slices with left over sundried tomatoes and olives. Cut some bread, threw the stuff on top and baked it for 20 mins -DELISH.

Hummus Hacarmel

best hummus in tel aviv

This famous place is described as 'the best hummus in Tel Aviv.' Situated in the Carmel Markets, the front of the shop looks like a synagogue. You won't miss it because there's usually people lining up. There's all different types of hummus plates and the picked vegetables are delishhhh too. 


indian food in israel

The last supper with my Israeli brothers! We ate at this Indian place in Dizengoff called Tandoori. Amazing spices, dips and vegetarian dishes. The huge breakfast platters were so tasty and I probably could've eaten 6 of those sugar donut balls. 

Other highlights

  • Port Sa'id: This place encapsulates Tel Aviv. It's this cool hipster joint and you eat everything with your fingers. The menu regularly changes and its shared platters. Get the eggplant dip and french toast!
  • Yassou Tel Aviv Greek Restaurant: Lively music, contemporary greek food with some Israeli inspo,  probably one of the best Greek restaurants I've been to!  The sea bass and the banana fritters were my favourites.
  • Friday Markets @ Dizengoff Centre: Dizengoff Centre is this big shopping centre in Tel Aviv. Every Friday, the bottom levels transform to a food market. I bought so much cheese, ate a lot of nutella crepes, bought heaps of babka etc. 

This was only a glimpse of what this country had to offer. When people ask me how was Israel, the first thing I always say is OMG THE FOOODDDD. I can't wait to go back one day and have another foodgasm trip. Toda! xx

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