Siargao: Island Neverland (Short Story Published with Navigator)

Siargao intoxicates you with youth. t's the surfing capital of the Philippines, but I'll forever remember it as Island Neverland. This is a short story I wrote for Navigator's global writing contest, which was then published in their book Around the World in 80 Days 2017.   Enjoy reading xx

Dear Wanderer,

If Neverland exists, come follow me. A secret far faraway, it’s floating in Filipino sea.

Second star to the right and straight on til’ the morning, Peter Pan pointed to Neverland, Siargao just north of its sand.  

Children of the water, chasers of the sun, come feed your ocean wanderlust, on the island of eternal fun.


From your step off the plane, paradise has already made it's imprint. All it took was the warmth of the sun, and a single sandy footprint.

The Lost Boys are surfing endless barrels,  Tinkerbell dancing through sapphire water, wherever you go, you’ll find adventure in our salt water.

A wonderland where lifelong friends meet for the first time, we dance, drink and laugh from sunset to sunrise. We all fall in love with Siargao’s endless summer vibes.

Find your Wendy, Find your Peter Pan, Tropical romances are inescapable, when you’ve given your heart to this island’s hand.


Acoustic jams soothe your soul, fresh coconuts quench your thirst. Beach campfires and cold beers, these magical memories will become your souvenirs.

But fairytales need an ending, and one day we’ll say goodbye. The palm trees will keep swaying, surf will keep breaking, but you, you my darling, will be reborn.

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, it’s found here with me. In the sandy streets, misty air and locals of the wild and free.


You’ll never grow up here on Cloud Nine, so come fly to this little haven of mine.

So reclaim your childlike immortality, rediscover joie de vivre, come visit me and feed your travel curiosity. 

We’ll never forget each other, like Wendy and Peter Pan.


With Love,

Your next holiday destination


Check-out the hard copy published version below!

Anyways as you can guess, I absolutely fell in love with this place. Make sure to read my Siargao guide here too... by the end of it, you'll want to book a flight asap. So, when are you going???? xx