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liz pal: Presenter and writer

At the age of 6, I realised storytelling could get you free food and out of chores. Today, I'm still the girl who believes in the silver tongue. I probably don't get away with half the mischief I once got up to, but my passion for effective communication never left. 

As a marketing strategist, I've been responsible for synthesising complex information into single minded propositions. With an ENFP personality type (according to some random online test), my energy, curiosity and hunger for creative freedom is actually an asset. False, I've just made that up. But it did urge me 'not to loose that sparkle of madness.' Hence as a presenter and writer, you'll always get a fresh perspective!

So from the new working economy, lifestyle design, technology or career development, if you're looking for a millennial perspective, let's connect!

Recent Work

Finance News Network 


TEDx UNSW 2017: Decoding the Stigma Personal Development


Millennials Marketing Conference 2017

Music and Tech Summit 2017


Daniel Elison Showreel

Other TOpics:

Lifestyle Design (ie. Cultivating a Retirement Mindset at 26), Business (i.e. Decoding the Millennial Employment Economy), Technology (ie. How Technology is Changing the Future of Music) and Mindset and Behavioural Psychology (ie. Manipulate Your Brain: 3 Principles to Upgrade Daily Life).


education/ Accreditation:

Bachelor of Media Communications and Journalism (Major: Human Resources), University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Advanced TV Presenting Course, TV Pro Global.

Toastmasters Bondi Junction Member (2015- Present).