Melon Pistachio Greek Salad

Salads today have gone through their ugly puberty stage.

I think we have Instagram to thank for that. Before, salads were this ugly side dish your Aunty made with whatever vegetables were close to the check out isle. Now, salads are these colourful looking things Instagram loves to boast about. 

I could've tried to plate this better, but honestly, I couldn't be bothered. It was bloody delicious as it is! This Melon Pistachio Greek Salad works well with any white fish or steamed chicken. Perfect to compliment a bland piece of protein... if you are dieting or shredding for that summer bod you promised yourself three years ago. 


  • Packet of Mixed Leaf Salad (literally one of those packets from the supermarket... try find one with baby spinach, rocket, cabbage and carrots)
  • Rockmelon
  • Feta Cheese
  • Handful of crushed pistachios 
  • Optional: Balsamic, Olive Oil or Fresh Lemon to top


  1. Take salad out of the packet (THANKS WOOLIES)
  2. Use a melon baller to carve out balls from your rockmelon 
  3. Sprinkle fetta cheese and pistachios on top
  4. Optional: If the juices from the rock melon aren't enough for you, you can add balsamic, olive oil or fresh lemon to top

I think the secret to an impressive looking salad is to add some sort of fruit and nut component. My go-to's are rockmelon, pomegranate or apples. With nuts it's either walnuts, almonds or pistachios. So up your salad game next dinner party and throw in a few prom queen looking fruits and nuts!

Liz PalComment