Boxing Camp in Thailand

Top Post Insights:

  1. Tiger Muay Thai -best training camp! (disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post)

  2. Fitness holidays: train hard, tequila hard.  

  3. Go by yourself.

Disconnect, get fit & frolic in someone else's back sweat

In true cliché form, I began boxing during a break up 4 years ago. Today, it’s still my number one choice of workout. Whilst I have no desire to compete, I’ve always wanted to learn more. So I decided to start my sabbatical at Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand.

Having never been or heard of Chalong, I booked the all-inclusive package for peace of mind. For 2 weeks, it was around $1, 000AUD. This included camp accommodation, unlimited classes for both fitness and martial arts schedules and food (Tiger Grill vouchers to use at your discretion).


Group Fitness Classes & Privates

  • There’s two schedules at Tiger, Fitness and Martial Arts. As a ‘fitness boxer,’ I found the boxing classes a little intimidating (I hate sparring) so I found myself doing more of the fitness classes. From functional training, crossfit, core and yoga, each class was pumping with energy, support and A LOT of sweat. As for boxing, I ended up getting boxing privates with one of the trainers (700BHT = $26AUD p/hr). My legend of a trainer, Tong, was one of the more serious trainers. A lot of the trainers love to joke around, which is fun at first, but after a while it's frustrating because you feel like your wasting your time.  


  • Otherwise known as ‘Fighter’s Row’ this street in Chalong has a variety of food to support your diet. Almost every café has a weight loss/management menu and every 20m there are protein shake vendors. From cheap Thai and Italian food, through to vegan cafes and frozen yoghurt treats, you get everything from falafels to cheat day deep fried magnums.


  • I went alone and have made life-long friends with people all over the world! There’s something special when you meet people with a common interest. Most people were on fitness holidays, so we would train hard/ drink hard. We all wanted to get fit, but that didn’t stop us from Mexican food, tequila and a good night out in Phuket Town. You’ll notice each gym on the strip is like a little family. At Tiger, I was surprised that there were no egos and I honestly met the most genuine people!

What I wish someone told me:

Don’t Stay on Camp

  • When you train, sleep and eat at the same place you get camp fever. All day every day you hear grunts, weights being dropped and constant bag/ pad punches. Tiger rooms are liveable, but for the same price you can find better accommodation off the strip. I ended up moving to The Blue for a few nights.

Sweat and Stomach Bugs

  • It’s so damn hot in Thailand as it is. Mix that in with hard core training without air con and you’re bound to frolic in someone else’s back sweat on the matt. So bring a hand towel or disinfectant around if this stuff grosses you out. As for stomach bugs, sorry it’s inevitable you will get this at least once. Just don’t drink tap water and if you have a weak stomach stay away from street food.

Don’t be afraid to go by yourself

  • I was so nervous going by myself and thought I would be a MASSIVE loner. But most people on fitness holidays go alone, so you will make a LOT of friends. It’s really the people that made this trip bloody epic!!

Other Tips:

  • Stay for the Tiger BBQ Beat Down (monthly BBQ party), guttered I missed out!
  • Tiger Grill has the BEST muesli bowl (approx. 140 BHT) and the protein balls (approx. 70 BHT), but everything else is overpriced and you can get bigger and tastier meals on the strip. My favourites were Pure Vegan Heaven, Tony's, Ali's BBQUnit 27 Muscle Bar and Fattys.
  • You need a lot of workout clothes. You will either do washing every 4 days or buy some cheap clothes at the markets, regardless you'll be DRENCHED in sweat.
  • Try any class you’re interested in at least once. I ended up loving the Muay Thai 3 hour classes… despite the bruises on my legs and getting bashed by pads in the stomach during sit ups!! 


So should you go????


Whether you’ve never picked up gloves before, or live and breathe fitness, Fighter’s Row is definitely worth a visit. People of all ages around the world came on different journeys. One man at Tiger, who was 65 years old, was fulfilling a life long dream to train Muay Thai in Thailand, others were getting fit before their weddings, some were on a 3 month body transformation journey and others like myself just wanted to focus on boxing/ fitness for 2-3 weeks. 

Fitness is a universal activity we all benefit from physically, mentally and socially. I couldn’t highly recommend taking a fitness holiday enough! It allows you to disconnect, get fit, meet new people and learn new skills. So next time you're looking to book a 'headspace' getaway, consider a trip to Chalong Thailand where training and tequila are not mutually exclusive.