Over Lady Boys & Ping Pong Shows? Here's 7 Things to Do in Phuket.

Top 3 Post Insights:

1.    Eat, Drink & Beach

2.    Get Some Culture 

3.    Do it for Mum


Thankfully, ping pong shows and accidentally falling in love with lady boys aren’t the only things to do in Phuket.


I went to Thailand with one goal in mind… to start my sabbatical getting super fit. Did I achieve it? Not really. I wasn’t that committed. I opted for ice cream, donuts and tequila when I was tired of training.

I LOVE boxing, but when you are train all day every day, you get pretty over it and need a break. Here’s 7 other things you can do in Phuket (that are nearby Chalong):



AMAZING food and seedy (heaps of fun) bars. Thailand unites people of all ages, professions and cultures with food and cheap alcohol.


From fried crickets to lace g-strings, you’ll find whatever your heart or closet desires at the Chalong Night Markets. I went to these night markets probably twice a week. It’s packed with tourists (then again you’re one too) but the food… oh my word. Literally the best charcoal chicken, banana caramel crepes and miniature coconut pancakes. This market has everything from leather goods, souvenirs, fashion clothing, shoes through to fresh seafood and fried cockroaches (which I regret not giving a go!).

Phuket is pretty big, for a full list of all the markets around town see here.


Prepare to hand over your liver and dignity to Patong (especially Bangla Rd). Street ice cream, ping pong shows, cheap drinks, inflatable dolls and questionable bars and restaurants… you can literally have a fun/seedy night out for $15. There’s clubs with ‘all you can drink’ wrist bands for around $10… so get that coconut water ready for your morning hangover. Don’t expect the day time to be much different. It’s just sunnier and less club music blazing!



To be completely honest, don’t come to Phuket looking for island paradise. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful beaches. But if you’re looking for turquoise water and white sands in Asia, head to Koh Samui (also in Thailand), Bali, or Boracay or Siargao in the Philippines. Regardless, there are still some beautiful places to check out:


You can’t go to Phuket without an island hopping/ James Bond tour. Warning, it is FULL OF TOURISTS. We bought our ticket from a street vendor in Patong, which was half the price of the travel agency near our gym in Chalong. For about 1, 500 BHT, we got hotel pick up, 3 island tours and food and drinks. We went to Khai Island, Monkey beach, snorkelling at Sam Had, lunch at Phi Phi Don Island then finished up at Maya Bay


This was probably my favourite beach. It’s cleaner than Patong and there's heaps of things to do... like drinking, surfing, kite surfing and eating. I didn't get to go to all of the Phuket beaches (for a full list see here), but I thought Kata had the prettiest water and sand. 


Besides murdering your liver, there's some beautiful things to see that don't involve drinking in Phuket. So get yo' self some culture and check these places out:


Take a hike, or a scooter and head to Big Buddah. There's perfect views over looking the whole city and it literally feels like you're walking amongst holy land. For women, you need to cover your shoulders, otherwise they will give you a scarf to cover yourself with.



This was such an amazing experience (I'll write a specific in-depth post soon). Koh Panyee is literally a village on stilts. You have to catch a cab to a port, catch a little boat and boom you’re back in old Thailand. Eat the market food its amazing, the fish at the restaurants are hella expensive. 



Not watching a Muay Thai Fight in Thailand, is like not watching a soccer game in Europe. The most popular stadium is Bangla Boxing Stadium, but if you are training in Chalong, Chok Chai Stadium just opened up. With any stadium, there’s usually 5-8 fights, where they save the best fighters until last. You can literally hear the 'snaps' of the legs hitting each other it’s insane!

Whether you're heading to Phuket on a fitness holiday, or looking for love in the club, be sure to explore this beautiful city!! Even if you love a good Lady Boy or Ping Pong show... what are you going to tell mum? So if it's not for you, try one of these 7 things for your mother. Make her proud of her well travelled child. 







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