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 Shaka Cafe, Siargao Philippines. 

Shaka Cafe, Siargao Philippines. 


You were thinking it too… no?   

I began brain dumping my thoughts about life, travel, work, love and all that jazz on Instagram... and surprisingly people started to msg me telling me they felt that way too!

I guess I just wanted to be transparent on my journey into adulthood, career changes and my time as a digital nomad.  So here are a few of my favourite little brain farts:

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One of the biggest influences in my life is P-DADDYYYY! I’m lucky enough to have someone to teach me what it really means to have ‘perspective.’

Got fired from your job? Good, it wasn’t the right job for you anyway. Remember what you’ve learned and go find an even better job. Your boyfriend broke up with you? Good, it’s time you grow as an individual.

My dad is not only HIL-ARI-OUS, but he’s constantly pushing me to view obstacles as a guide to the ‘next best thing.’ It’s probably why I had the courage to fly half way around the world to be here in Medellín. Anyways, obv P-Daddy doesn’t have insta but this is a shout out to him for giving me the the balls to go out and do shit. Guatape itself has been off the chain!! Ciao xx 💃🏽😘❤️

Guatape, January 2018.


When it doesn't work out..

Ahhhh the art of dancing with life’s eccentricity 💃🏽
“Our lives may not have fit together, but ohh did our souls know how to dance...”
-K. Towne Jr.
Try, explore, graciously accept things that don’t work out, eat ice cream, chase the sunshine.... repeat ☀️😜❤️ xx 📸 @camillerdp

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Embrace the mediocre.

Island cafes like @shaka_cafes are one of my favourite places to work from but TRUST me, it’s not always like this. Today I’m at a library where kids are screaming like as if they’re getting their teeth pulled out. I think ‘digital nomad’ life is often misperceived as ‘always in holidays.’ Don’t get me wrong, there are bloody great days, and some just ‘run of the mill days.’ Today is definitely one of them for me 😜😂

If you can’t embrace where you are today, you won’t be able to embrace what’s on for tomorrow, next week or next year. There will always be another thing you’ll complain about! So today I will just smile at these kids instead of throwing a crayon to their head.... because life is great and I just ate a caramel sticky date cake 🍰🙌 xx

Siargao, September 2017. 


Compromises + 'dream' lifestyles.

Life is a beautiful bitch. 
There’s no such thing as the an ‘easy dream lifestyle’ because nothing comes without fu*king hard work. The premise of all these ‘personal development’ books is to help you figure out what’s important to you (pls don’t get turned off from all the Insta Bro Quotes out there!).

Whether its owning your own business, getting a promotion or quitting your job to travel, the first step is to actually explore what really makes you happy. Is it freedom or a stable income? To be a travelling nomad or have a lifestyle where designer bags are important? BTW neither are bad!! But nothing comes without an element of compromise, so just embrace the chaos! Ok kids rant over, time for my ‘dream’ dinner……. Pizza and churros dipped in Nutella with salted caramel ice cream???? 

Sydney, July 2017. 


Growing up?

What happens when you realise “Oh, shit maybe I’m growing out of this lifestyle?” 🌴

The last 2.5 years have been THE BEST FUN!! Part-time nomad life aka. working remotely while travelling is THE millennial dream, but sometimes we grow quicker than expected... sometimes we wake up and think, “OK time to evolve and step up.” For me, that was “Ok, I think I’m a bit over this suitcase lifestyle.”😳

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now, it’s hard because I love traveling but I also miss working with people and... yep sounds trivial, but I also miss wearing proper clothes and heels lol. 😜👠

ANYWAYS, join me as I map out my next few years... fingers crossed it will be just as dynamic, exciting and stimulating as the last 3! xx ❤️✈️🌴 📸 

Hong Kong, August 2018. 

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Everybody knows something you don't.

When I was 3, I was so jealous of my little sister @bethanypal I tried to punch her in the stomach 😂 Today, I had the rare opportunity to hang out and watch her at work as a video director. It reminded me that EVERYBODY knows something you don't know. Everyone has something you can learn from. Even that annoying bitchy colleague is teaching you patience and stress management, or that shit date you went on last week is teaching you how to identify personality traits you like... whatever it is, people are like life encyclopaedias! Anyways thanks Betsy, I love your guts (no pun intended) ha 😜 ❤xx

Sydney, October 2017. 


Feeling 'at home' while travelling.

Where did time go?!! I’ve been living here in Medellín for almost 5 weeks now 😱 
There’s something in the people and culture here which makes you feel at home. But I think you also have to put in effort. Learn the local language (or try to learn key phrases), make friends with the bakers or baristas at your cafe (hola Gloria hola Margot!) and say hello to the old people you walk past every day (hola Tom, Mel, Charlie)... these are the little things that have made me feel at home 😍❤️ 

Medellin, February 2018. 



How important are hobbies? Wellllll Rugrats science has proven hobbies help us reach our full potential, as learning new skills strengthens our neural pathways. When we focus and go deep in an activity (anything from sport, hiking, painting, cooking etc), our brains learn to work more freely and faster. If only eating Tim Tams could do the same 🤔 ....anyways my new hobby for next week in #Siargao is to pick up surfing lessons! I had so much fun in #Hawaii, let's see if I can avoid a 98% wipeout rate this time 😜😂🌊 xx

Hawaii, August 2017. 


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Life paradoxes.

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m 27 going onto 17. I’ll eat a packet of Tim Tams, but I’ll measure how many grams of cous cous I’m about to cook. I’m a nomad who loves coming home. A strategist, who believes in gut feelings. A writer who has shit grammar. A Filipino who doesn’t eat pork. A woman who was probably a flaming drag queen in my past life. Lol. Maybe we’re just supposed to embrace shit that doesn’t make sense but life’s more interesting with a few paradoxes here and there haha... What are yours? 😂

Boracay, September 2017. 


Responsibility + Discipline

Hey loversssssss! ❤️
I’ve been super obsessed with @jordan.b.peterson’s book... you can probably tell from my vlogs lol.
Anyways, I’m learning more and more about responsibility and discipline. Erghhh I (used to) hate those words. Anyways, I feel like this book is a reminder to (try) and get your shit together, act on moral principles not emotions, commit to your word and respect yo’ self. ❤️ Brain fart over, GOOD NIGHT! 🙌 xx

Sydney, April 2018. 


Flowers fo' myself.

Buying flowers fo’ myself because girls can have flowers without boys no? 😜💐❤️ 📸 

Hong Kong, August 2018.